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Horsens og Omegns Sportsfiskerforening

Den bedste udfaldsport til fiskeri i de Østjyske fiskevande

As a member of The Angling Club of Horsens and Environs you get:

Angling water


The Club has fishing rights to a total of 35 km. river banks in the vicinity of Horsens.

The streams Kørup/Bygholm å, St. Hansted å og Tolstrup å offer a row of fine waters containing sea, brown, and rainbow trout as well as pike and eel.


Fly fishing for grayling and brown trout in the river Gudenå is an experience, which is surpassed only by very few waters in Denmark.


Membership of The Danish Federation of Anglers

(Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund)


Through the subscription you support the work that benefits all danish anglers and the danish environment.


7 times a year you receive "Sportsfiskeren", which is the magazine for the members of The Danish Federation of Anglers.


Through the membership it is possible to get discount on travels, vacations etc.

“Fluen” (“The Fly”), the local club magazine


The magazine is published 2 times a year with tips, catches and true anglers' stories. (In danish).




The club has its own premises at The West Hall in Horsens. During the win-ter the members are busy with fly ty-ing, manufacture of landing nets and rods etc. Moreover showing of films, talks, and courses are arranged, but not least cheerful social gathering.


During the year trips to other angling waters are made.


The Junior section has good and instructive activities and a lot of pleasant trips to own and other waters. During the winter there are courses in fly tying, manufacture of rods etc.


Keeping the waters


The club takes an active part in keeping the waters. Every year there is electro-fishing, putting of fry, maintaining of bridges and signs etc.

Membership of The Angling Club of Horsens and Environs (HOS) gives fishing rights to waters with sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, pike, perch and not least the graylings of the river Gudenå



By acquiring a senior subscription the member's children aged under 12 years are allowed to angle free accompa-nied by the member.